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Welcome to this Perfectly Imperfect Space

I've had this website sitting here for a while now. And a lot of life has happened in between; including falling pregnant and giving birth to our second daughter.

But mainly I succumbed to the notion that everything had to be perfect on this space to launch it to you.

The wording catchy and grammatically correct.

The website domain paid for, up and running.

A few posts for you to browse through.

In all honestly, all of that is too much right now, this year. Perfectionism is exhausting.

And anyway, at the heart of this space (website) is a desire to help, inform and inspire you to live your days healthier than the last one. And if I practice perfectionism, I'm actively withholding and delaying that information going out to you. I'm not ok with that.


No, this space isn't ready by most standards.

No, I won't promise proper grammar, catchy titles and perfectly poised and edited photo's.

And I can't guarantee that I'll be consistent at posting.

But, I can say that to the best of my ability I'll actively strive to post worthwhile, informative content with the goal to get you thinking, talking and participating in a healthier Day than yesterday.

You can expect delicious nourishing recipes, updates on my post partum journey and my perspective on creating a thriving body through good nutrition and years of clinical practice.

I would also love to connect with you! So leave a comment or head on over to my instagram page to say hello :)

Big Love and Happy Day!


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