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What you can expect from me:

I’m a firm believer that anything is possible.

I’m committed to making this journey fun.

I won’t give up before we’ve found a solution!

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My journey to completing my Bachelor of Science and majoring in Nutritional Medicine began at aged 16 when I developed a chronic pain disorder, anxiety and a wicked relationship with an eating disorder. 

Through this process my menstrual cycle slowly became longer and more painful. 

My anxiety began to spiral into bouts of depression. 

My eating disorder became a tool to cope with the stress of the daily physical and mental pain I was experiencing.

And so I began to research, experiment and implement nutrition and lifestyle protocols to heal myself. 

And it worked!


15 years later I no longer experience daily pain, my anxiety is rare and manageable and my eating disorder has left the building.  

The Process

For the past 8 years I've been practicing nutrition, using a holistic, food as medicine and individualised approach to achieving optimal health. 

It is my mission to transmute pain and suffering through empowering women to embody health and vitality as their birth right. 

I pride myself in holding a space for clients where they can learn how to make informed choices around nutrition & their body.

I am committed to helping souls create space in the body to free their mind and liberate their SOUL. Guiding you to understand what makes you feel vibrantly healthy, clear and energetic in your body and mind.

Empowering souls with the knowledge of how their body works, how nutrition fuels and nourishing the body in order to create an empowered and liberated life.

I do this through using nutritional therapy that focuses on a root cause treatment. Whilst also working with the individual to understand their core needs, drives, belief systems and how these are influencing their relationship with food.

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