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Yo Yo Dieting

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Why I want you to FAIL at your Diet.

Too often when I start a diet I am striving for perfection, 100% dedication

and therefore results. You too?

But what happens when the human side of this machine we are trying to emulate starts to want chocolate, ice cream, the bread ?

How does your head cope?

How does your ego when it takes a dint because you haven’t been perfect?

Is this cycle of striving for perfection (which doesn’t exist), and failing at that “perfection”, contributing to your yo-yo dieting, on and off healthy eating, and self despising attitude?

Is it realistic to stick to the diet for said period of time? For some yes, and there’s nothing wrong with striving for it. But here’s why I want you to fail at it THE BENEFICIAL WAY.

When you “fail” at your diet plan, it is the most potent time for learning and growth. It’s the time you get to reflect and consider what lead you to that point, how do you physically feel because of eating it?

Maybe you feel awesome! But the guilt and shame of imperfectionism prevents you from knowing that. Clouds your vision.

And so I encourage you to Fail well. Try your best yes, but if you step sideways from the original plan, ask yourself this crucial question:

What did I learn?

And then get on with your day 💖

Give me a yes! If this resonates 💖

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Big Love


Clinical Nutritionist


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