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Post Easter Detox Tips

Do you feel like you're crawling through the week after Easter?

Bleary eyed, brain fogged and the bloating! It's next level!

Not to mention the cravings, the energy highs and lows, you feel like you're being flung along and completely out of control of how your body feels.

This is the week that can undo ALL your weight loss and healthy eating progress. I get it, I've been there many times, and so instead of letting the guilt pull you under, and you completely give up all attempts at feeling good and getting back on track...

Here's my top tips to get you feeling better sooner!

  • Fast. A solid 16+ hour fast from dinner to lunch cleanses the cells (its called autophagy), stimulates the production of new brain cells from Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF), and kicks off fat burning. Read more on Intermittent Fasting Here

  • Focus on Protein & Fat: This stabilises blood sugar levels, leading the body to burn up the rest of the glucose (from all that easter chocolate) and gives you a nice even energy throughout the day. Also, it leads to less cravings :)

  • MOVE your body: Exercise also burns up that glucose, boosts your endorphins (making you feel confident and in control). The sweating factor releasing toxins through your skin is an excellent way to begin that detox process.

  • WATER: I know you know this, but drink at least 3-4L of filtered water, ideally with a pinch of salt added for hydration benefits. This works to flush your liver, hydrate your cells and flush out those lingering toxins.

The Reset Program is a 6 week program that takes you through a 4 week detox and cleanse program, then guides you to reintroducing the foods you loves whilst feeling amazing!

And if you'd like personalised support book a consult here :)

Happy Day!

Jenna Poole

Functional Nutritionist


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