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Why I’m breaking up with Butter

Do you emotionally eat?

Do you have patterns of behaviour and eating that you can’t stop?

Are there particular foods that you cannot stop eating? #foodwithnobreaks

I do. We all do.

And if you want to interrupt and change these emotional eating behaviours and habits the first step is in recognising what they are and when they occur.

Common foods and emotional eating habits include:

- chocolate and sadness

- salty chips and stress

- ice cream and loneliness

- wine and mental fatigue

For you they might be the same or different ?

Here are my personal Top 3 and the reasons I’m breaking up with them for 30 days.

Butter: A food with no breaks for me.

Although I’m a massive fan of REAL butter (read your labels) I personally have no appetite breaks on butter. I can eat 5 tbsp in one sitting and hey that might be ok but I don’t feel good about not being able to put the butter down.

Bread: a habit. This ones not really about the food as much as it is about WHY I go for the bread. Let’s be honest, my type of bread is an organic homemade hemp seed loaf consisting of 8 eggs and a whole lot of goodness. So when I eat it I FEEL like I’m having toast but I don’t get the foggy feeling after.

So the reason I’m breaking up with bread is because it’s easy, and I don’t want to form a habit where I just eat something because of ease and convenience. I want to carve the time to create a nourishing meal. I’ll go back to the (hemp) bread later but for now I’m breaking the habit.

Plus I lather it in butter 🙄😁

Chocolate, in all its forms:

For me chocolate is what I go to in times of stress ( FUN FACT it actually triggers an endorphin release in your brain making you feel good, but the sugar load leaches Vitamin C from the body, creates inflammation and i can tell that it’s becoming an emotional eating pattern for when I’m stressed/ tired/ haven’t had time for myself in a while. And so it’s time to have a break and cut ties.

It won’t be easy but sometimes we have to put in the hard challenging work to get worthwhile results.

If emotional eating has a hold on you that you just can't shake, get in touch to organise a consultation. You can book an appointment here 😊

Big Love and Happy Day!



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