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💫 5 months with you 💫

During my pregnancy I fell into grief. Tripped and stumbled into the pain of the past. And after a while instead of being tripped I decided to dive, head first into the work that begged to be done.

Pregnancy is raw. It’s not emotional, it’s emotionally enlightening. Strengthening and preparing you for the moment of birth where you ultimately surrender to the physical pain, pushing through the wall of the unknown to be rebirthed as a mother. Each and every time you birth your baby, bring them earth side. You birth yourself too. As a mum of one, two, three, four. You’ll be irrevocably changed and reborn yourself.

Pregnancy for me was a time of preparation for this rebirthing. A time to deep dive into my grief, my trauma, my pain. And ride the wave through it to be birthed into a new and upgraded human.

This is the journey I am most proud of. The inner work I’ve done, am doing, to be the mother my babies need me to me. To be the person, the guide and the human I know I can be.

It’s the most beautiful, torturous, painful, and freeing work. And I’d do it again and again and again for this feeling of freedom ♥️

Jenna Poole

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