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Post Partum: Week 3

What I'm loving: Space and time. I'm loving the feeling of doing what I can and leaving what I can't. Baby snuggles, breast feeding and I am LOVING focusing on healing my body. I'm doing so much research into skin integrity and function, pelvic floor and how to rebuild and strengthen my body post pregnancy and birth.

What I'm finding challenging: Not exercising! My brain is SO ready to start moving and exercising.

During birth I got a 3a perineal tear requiring stitching so that poo doesn't leak out :| This type of tear is apparently really painful to stitch so a surgical procedure is recommended along with a spinal tap (catheter included).

The recovery from this requires you to not become constipated (straining could rip the stitches OUCH!) and to work consistently on strengthening and connecting the pelvic floor again so as to prevent all types of leaking. And lots and lots of rest.

I admit the first 2 weeks all I wanted to do was rest and recover, however I now have so much more energy and a big desire to use it! Instead I'll be focusing on regenerating the tissue with good nutrition, rest and building strength from within with pelvic floor work.



In my past I have restricted a lot, specific foods, macronutrients and ingredients. I am pulled to do the same at the moment, however I'm also mentally not ready to start getting specific with my food. The pull to restrict comes from my old eating disorder voice that I am choosing to turn down the volume on knowing it won't serve me or bubba.

Instead my focus this week will be to enjoy food, eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I'll also still be focusing on last weeks nutrients to regenerate and rebuild my body's nutrient bank. You can find that post here.


- Pelvic Floor: Incorporate pelvic floor connection into everyday movements such as lifting, squatting and tidying around the house.

- Walk: 1x 30 minute walk/ day, aim for 5500 steps

Last week I purposely wrote a goal that was small, not because I didn't think I could do anything longer but to build my mental confidence. You see when you aim for a 10 minute walk, you instinctively go for longer. The trick is to get your butt out the door.

- Stretch: Stretch daily

When you breastfeed you tend to sit for long period of time in a hunched position. This can lead to tight pecs and hip flexes. Daily stretching to open these up will assist in preventing injury, headaches and compensation of other muscles.


- Meditate when you can: Even if just for 3 minutes. I find that when I don't do this my mind gets cluttered, negative thoughts are more common and I live more in my head (and not in a good way)

- Take some time for self: I don't think it's healthy for anybody to spend 24/7 with another human being. Spending time filling your own cup with movement, cooking, reading a good book, out in nature.

- Be Kind: I'm keeping this one from last week because it's been a positive crutch to use when I find my judgemental thoughts popping up. I've been able to swiftly swat them away by reminding self now is the time to heal, rest and be kind.

Do you have some weekly or monthly goals? I would love to hear what they are and how you are going with them! Leave a comment below :) Happy Day!



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