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Post Partum: Week 2

It's been a whole week since we brought out second baby girl earth side and I'm ready to set some goals for the week ahead! I've broken them down into Nutrition, Body & Mind Goals to ensure I'm taking a holistic approach during this magical period.

Pregnancy and birth uses an immense amount of physical and emotional energy and every day is an opportunity to nourish your body in a way that will set you up stronger and healthier for tomorrow, next month and a years time. Aim to look at it in terms of Nutrient Density over Calorific Value.

As an example, this can be done by choosing the darkest and richest coloured vegetables, going for protein sources packed with nutrients such as offal over mince, and adding herbs and spices to every dish. These foods contain high nutrient value for their size and quantity.



Specific nutrients and their food sources I'll be focusing on this week are those involved in supporting the immune system, wound healing and regenerating body tissue such as the gut lining:

- Zinc: Egg yolks, red meat, liver

Role in wound healing, immune health and supports neurotransmitter production for optimal mood and mental health

- Iron: Red meat, liver

Role in replenishing iron from blood loss in birth, immune health, oxygenation of the body, energy production

- Collagen: Bone broth

Wound healing, gut restorative, source of protein to regenerate muscle

- Vitamin C: Broccoli, Kale, Citrus & it's peel, organic berries

Role in immune health, collagen production, skin integrity and energy production


- Pelvic Floor: Do my pelvic floor exercises given by the physio 3x daily whilst feeding bubba

- Walk: 2x 10 minute walks per day, aim for 4000 steps

- Rest: Rest when needed


- Be Present: When struggling with this ask: what are 3 things I can see right now, what are 3 things I can hear right now and what are 3 things I can feel right now to bring you back to the present

- Laugh: Don't take things so seriously and find the joy in the little things (like rudy nudy dances, and the word Abominable [but honestly, have you tried to say it 10 times in a row?])

- Be Kind: Thank your body daily and remove judgement. This ones a toughy and I'm constantly having to remind myself to drop the judgement. That's ok, it's a practice and I'll get there.

Are you following along? Let me know by leaving a comment! Happy Day! Jenna


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