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As a Nutritionist I have a cultivated A Way of Eating That I love and Thrive on.


And having foundational, go-to, nourishing meals is such an integral part fulfilling and living this ethos.


The pages of this cookbook are filled with the recipes of how we nourish during the Festive Periods of Life, Christmas, New Year , Easter and Birthdays.

The recipes are full of seasonal ingredients, love and stories of years gone by cooking with my husband, children and my extended family.


Each year we gift our loved ones with a food hamper. A basket full of homemade biscuits, biscotti, Rockie Rd, Dried Herbs & Fruits from our garden. We bake, preserve, pickle & ferment, and most of all create a basket of love with our hands and from our hearts.


Over the last 10 years I've jotted all these processes and recipe down, tweaking and perfecting, to at last bring you this bundle of recipes to share with your loved ones during the Festive Moments in Life. To nourish them and yourself with wholesome, nutrient dense foods, cooked and prepared with intention and love.


Within these pages I hope you find inspiration to make your next meal, healthier and more

nourishing than the last <3 and beyond this, reconnect to the Magic and Joy of Home Cooking.


Happy Day!


Jenna Poole

Functional Nutritionist

***Note all recipes are gluten free with dairy free options

Festive Food

  • Due to the nature of this product being a PDF there are no refunds.

  • This is an EBook, An email with the link to download will be sent to you after purchase.

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