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IS this You? 

  • You’re constantly fatigued, and struggle to get through the day without using caffeine, carbs or sugar to keep you going


  • You wake tired and unrefreshed and wish you could leap out of bed and seize the day!


  • You feel like your wasting precious time feeling exhausted, you wish you could have more energy so you could run after your kids, play with them AND have time for yourself

Can You Relate ?


  • You want to lose weight and get fit, BUT you don’t have the energy or DRIVE to put into it


  • You’ve forgotten what it’s like to get through a day without needing or wanting a nap


  • You feel like your not eating the right thing for your body, somethings missing and you want to make sure your getting ENOUGH of what your body needs to FEEL really good

Can You Relate ?

I Get It, I use to Be you

I ate healthy but felt so exhausted all the time 

I mean, my JOB is literally all about food, and how to fuel, nourish and HEAL the body. But I was lacking SOMETHING. 

I was so confused. 

Until I started tracking every morsel of food I put in my mouth and I realised, I was feeling lack because I WAS LACKING. 

I Was lacking the AMOUNT of food and energy i needed in order to not only RUN this incredible body of mine, But in order to THRIVE In it in. 
And not Thrive on a once off, only to go back to exhausted the next day (Been there!)  
But back it up and wake with STRENGTH, ENERGY & POWER day after day. 

I did two things

1. Consistently Hit a specific to me protein target, DAILY

2. Adjusting my Calorie target to my individualised goals

And then


The little things started to shift. 


I was more positive and present in my day. 


I no longer needed a nap. 


I could LIFT heavier in the gym, and help my Husband around the house... with HEAVY Things! 


Having this strong foundation of nutrition has changed my life. 


And to be clear this IS NOT about sacrificing and calorie deficits. This is about learning how to fuel your body appropriately, in order to get stronger, fitter, more powerful AND yes look damn good in whatever you wear come Summer 2024. 


But it's more about every day before then, waking up and feeling so damn proud of your body, 
LOVING living it

Feeling Content, Comfortable and in your body. 

Having ENERGY on the Daily to ENJOY and LIVE your life! 

Imagine Waking Up on the 3rd of September....


  • Comfortable and PROUD of your body!

  • Feeling STRONG & FIT

  • Confident in your DIET & SKIN

  • In Control of Your Food Choices

  • Having ENERGY All day long

  • So Much Brain Space; Your LIFE is just JUICY

Introducing POWER UP

A 12 week program to power up your strength, physique, & Energy Levels.

12 Weeks of Nutritionist Guided Macro Tracking to get you to Lose Body Fat, Gain Muscle and feel Strong Fit and Energetic!


  • 12 Week Access to Pro Cronometre

  • Fortnightly Check Ins and Macro / Diet Adjustments by Nutritionist Jenna Poole

  • Nutritious Recipes

  • Educational Tools via Online Portal and APP

  • Monthly Webinars

  • Daily Support via FaceBook Group


Please keep in mind this is a program in which you commit to weighing and tracking your food for the 12 weeks. It's designed to help you learn how to EYEBALL how much food you need to eat in order to THRIVE. 

It's designed to get you to point where you can intuitively eat, without sacrificing strength, power and energy. 

If you are not committed to tracking for 12 weeks, to committing to yourself majority of the time, and choosing you and your health for the next 12 weeks. Then this program is not for you

With Love 

Jenna Poole 
Functional Nutritionist



A 12 week Program

where Consistency Trumps Perfection

Personalised Macro's

Have Jenna personalise your diet macro's; she will review and adjust them regularly to get you to your goals

Health Focused

Guided by holistic principles to help you reach your goals without sacrificing your health

Choose your pricing plan

  • Weekly Power UP Payment Plan

    Every week
    Weekly payments for 12 weeks
    Valid for 12 weeks
  • Fortnightly Power UP Payment Plan

    Every 2 weeks
    Valid for 12 weeks
  • Up Front Power UP

    One Time Payment
    Valid for 3 months
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