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Why Do I Have No Energy?

And get really Hangry!

Getting Hangry

Irritable &

Lacking energy

between meals

Isn't Normal

It's a Sign your relying on SUGAR to get you by

But why not THRIVE?

Do you get to 10am and feel that irritability in your brain and body?

Do you snap at people?

Get irrational and reactive?

Do you often feel out of control

And the only thing that will soothe the edge is food?

Then you my friend, are what I call

A Sugar Burner

And it’s actually not the way we are designed to function.

IMAGINE the day when you look up at the clock, it’s 2pm and you haven’t eaten since breakfast.

Your brain is ticking over, firing up even!

The IDEAS youv’e had today,

The CLARITY of thought!

It’s been incredible!

And the funny thing is, you haven’t even THOUGHT about food!?!?

How can this BE ??

On a physical level, your body has ticked over into fat burning mode.

Essentially, you’re utilising your body’s fat source, and the fat from your food, for energy.

This type of energy provides and even output.

It’s smooth, Like a cruisy Sunday Drive,

Rather than the Roller Coaster you’re used to,

When your a Fat Burner

There’s no crash and burn

There’s no dependancy on the coffee or the food to make you feel good.

This way of eating reduces inflammation

Helps your body release extra fat it’s carrying (actually it uses it as fuel, hello weight loss!)

Plus it boosts antioxidant production and encourages your brain to make new cells via BDNF aka Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor

To gain these benefits Focus on what I call “Real Food”

• Plenty of vegetables, fruit,

• Quality protein

• Whole Food Carbs

• Essential Fats like nuts, seeds, avocado’s, olive oil, coconut oil and grass fed butter

And if you want assistance along the way, book a consult here :)

Happy Day!

Jenna Poole

Functional Nutritionist


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