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What is a normal period cycle length ?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Did you know that your normal period cycle length often isn’t determined until the 6th year of menstruation ?

Irregular cycle means the days of your period cycle change frequently. for example, month 1 could be 27 days, and month 2 is 56 days

It is common in the first few years of menstruation to experience irregular cycles. This is because it’s also common to have anovulatory cycles, meaning you don’t ovulate, and hence a delay in bleeding.

If you experience(d) a late onset of menarche (1st menstruation) your cycle may regularly have anovulatory phases for 8-12 years following. This can affect fertility and be a cause of long period cycles.

However, if you experience no menstruating for 90 days it’s important to see your physician to assess possible underlying causes.

Anywhere between 21 and 34 days is considered normal for most people after the 3rd year of menstruating 💜

Why is this important ? Understanding what is normal for YOUR body is so incredibly important for vitality, fertility, mood, energy levels, sex drive and digestive health. Yet many women go on hormonal medication such as the pill prior to their period settling into the natural rhythm of their individual body.

If you’d like to learn more about your cycle, symptoms and discover a vital, pain free and regular menstrual cycle book in a consultation here

Happy Day!

Jenna Poole

Clinical Nutritionist


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