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Immune Boosting Foods

Winter is here and with it comes a host of viruses and bugs that are set on making your body their host! The following foods support a strong immune system, reducing the risk and severity of the dreaded cold and flu.

  1. Garlic Garlic is part of the allium family, related to onions, leeks and shallots. It is high in a compound called Allicin, which is activated when crushed or cut and exhibits effects that are lipid lowering, chemoprotective, immune enhancing and also assist circulation. Crushing garlic fresh and adding it in at the end of cooking will ensure you are getting the most health benefits out of the garlic. 

  1. Chilli Chilli is the fruit of capsicum pepper plant, and is part of the nightshade family which also contains eggplant and tomatoes. Its health benefits are contained in the bioactive compound capsaicin which is responsible for their notable ‘heat’ and spice.Capsaicin is known for its pain relieving properties, and acts as an antioxidant, assisting the body to protect against disease. Chilli’s are also rich in vitamin c, notably responsible for wound healing, antioxidant properties and immune function. Add to everything from sauces, Bolognese, eggs, and stews. 

  2. Turmeric Turmeric can be bought fresh or in powder form and has been used for centuries for a multitude of benefits, including aiding digestion, arthritis and regulating menstruation. It’s active constituent curcumin provides both anti-inflammatory properties and is an antioxidant. Have fresh in tea with ginger and lemon, add to your green smoothies, soups and stews! Adding a little fat such as coconut oil or olive oil will also assist the absorption of curcumin into the body.

  1. Ginger Like turmeric, ginger has been used for millennia in assisting the body heal from a variety of ailments such as nausea, diarrhoea, chronic indigestion and reducing pain associated with menstruation and muscle soreness. It too is high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, mainly because it is rich in the substance gingerol.  Today it is widely used to assist the immune system at the beginning of a cold, to reduce the symptoms of nausea associated with morning sickness, motion sickness and nausea post surgery. Have fresh in a tea, smoothie or add towards the end of cooking to soups and stews.

And if you feel like you’ve got a cold coming on try this Cold and Flu tea remedy to support your body and boost your defences.

Cold and Flu Remedy Tea

Ingredients: 1 serve

1 cup of filtered water

½ lemon freshly squeezed

1cm ginger, freshly grated

Pinch of chilli

Pinch of salt and pepper

1 clove garlic


1. In a pot on the stove, add the water, lemon, ginger, chilli, salt, and pepper and bring to the boil.

2. Reduce the heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. 

3. Pour into a mug and stir through 1 garlic clove, freshly crushed

Drink Warm

Happy Day! 

Jenna Poole

Clinical Nutritionist


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