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3 lessons I took from seeing a psychologist

I started seeing a psychologist during the second trimester of my pregnancy this year.

It was the biggest learning curve of my life.

I found in both my pregnancies that the 2nd trimester often brought up past trauma and grief that needed processing. But this pregnancy I was ready to grow from it.

I’d love if you’d read and share this with someone you feel it could help. I’ll be sharing more soon about anxiety and mental health and how nutrition, movement, lifestyle and understanding individual biochemistry can help.

Big Love



1. Own your power and use it to empower others. The biggest thing I learnt this year was the difference between POWER and POWER OVER. It seriously changed my life.

2. Remove judgement. It takes up so much noise in your head when you judge. And often it’s a projection of what’s going on for ourselves. When we judge others we are judging that trait within ourselves.

3. Grow constantly. Learn when you are playing an ‘old program’ and learn how to pivot, how to recognise the old program of behaviours and triggers and then UPGRADE the program to grow into the person you are striving for.

*** A disclaimer. It took me 12 years to see a psychologist. I went in for one thing and recognised that everything I had compartmentalised in my brain was connected, like dominos once you process one trauma the others will follow. I was ready. It took 12 years but I was ready to process, to FEEL and SEE the pain in order to free it.


is world kindness day and I ask not only how can you be kind to others, but importantly how can you be kind and accepting of yourself ?

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