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The Reset by Jenna Poole

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In this 6 week program, I’m going to take you through exactly what you need for a full body reset and to achieve food freedom, including: A Food Framework (Way of eating guide) to Reset your body, hormones and food habits Learn and KNOW your body AND Yourself on an intimate level Education on how to nourish the gut and optimise digestion Knowledge on how to Cleanse & Detoxify the body Education on Nutrition fundamentals; including macronutrients, fuel sources of the body and emotional eating tools Detoxification principles and tools How to support Stress and Sleep patterns, including guided meditation Learn the Art of Intermittent Fasting Daily & Weekly Rituals to set you up for success Learn how to challenge and re introduce foods, to uncover if you have food intolerances Create a way of eating you love and thrive on!

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The Reset by Jenna Poole

The Reset by Jenna Poole

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