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THE RESET - By Jenna Poole

Create a Way of Eating that you Love & Thrive on!

Is this you?

  • You are so tired of 'dieting' yo yo ing, and not getting sustainable results

  • You desire to fall in love with your body & your life, but right now it doesn’t feel good to live in it

  • You feel as though food has a hold over you, you think about it all the time and are stuck in a cycle of using it as a crutch

  • You know there’s more to you than your body, but you can’t seem to move past your “imperfections” and “hard bits” 

  • You feel like there's no structure to your eating or days, and this makes you feel overwhelmed and out of control

  • You desire to give back to the world but feel held back by your health and life stuff

…then I hear you, and I see you.

YOU are the exact person I created this course for!

In this 6 week program, I’m going to take you through exactly what you need for a full body reset and to achieve food freedom, including:

  • A Food Framework (Way of eating guide) to Reset your body, hormones and food habits

  • Learn and KNOW your body AND Yourself on an intimate level

  • Education on how to nourish the gut and optimise digestion

  • Knowledge on how to Cleanse & Detoxify the body

  • Education on Nutrition fundamentals; including macronutrients, fuel sources of the body and emotional eating tools  

  • Detoxification principles and tools

  • How to support Stress and Sleep patterns, including guided meditation

  • Learn the Art of Intermittent Fasting

  • Daily & Weekly Rituals to set you up for success

  • Learn how to challenge and re introduce foods, to uncover if you have food intolerances

  • Create a way of eating you love and thrive on!

Plus - BONUS Materials

  • Exclusive support in our Private Facebook group

  • Recipe e-Book

  • Welcome Pack - Delivered to your door

  • Expert Nutritionist in your corner every step of the way!

You've got this!

   Places are limited, so don't       miss out!   

I'll be in touch!

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